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Explore our Baroque Boxes and curated drink selection below. Enjoy the convenience of next-day delivery within the Antwerp area, or opt to pick up your order at your preferred time and day in Zurenborg. Simply make your selection from the options provided.

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Baroque Boxes

All boxes are customizable to the size of your party.
Kindly select the quantity of people sharing the meal as all prices are quoted per person.


Royal Brunch

So every morning feels like Sunday morning. Includes 50cl of freshly squeezed orange juice per person. INGREDIENTS : French Toast Bites Brussels Chai Waffles Mini Dark Chocolate Cake Comté Petite Elegance AOP ‘Van Tricht’ Brie de Meaux AOC With Lavender, Organic Honey and Walnuts Beef Coppa ‘Dierendonck’ Tierenteyn Mustard Selection of Crackers from Aldo's Bakery Red Berries Jam Homemade Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Seasonal Fruits & Nuts Edible Flowers


Image of Royal Brunch


Dearly Cheesy

For real cheese lovers. INGREDIENTS Selection of Van Tricht Cheeses : Brie de Meaux AOC Compté Petite Élégance AOP Aurélie Karditsel (Organic Raw Goat Milk) Tête de Moine Belgian Labneh Tierenteyn Mustard Seasonal Crispy Fruits & Vegetables Nocellara del Belice Olives Selection of Crackers from Aldo's Bakery Edible Flowers


Image of Dearly Cheesy


Veggie Wonderland

A 100% vegetarian box, combining crispy seasonal vegetables and tasty dips. INGREDIENTS Seasonal Crispy Vegetables And Fruits Belgian Labneh Kalamata Olive Tapenade Holy Basil Hummus Nocellara Del Belice Olives Dried Fruits & Nuts Selection of Crackers from Aldo's Bakery Edible Flowers


Image of Veggie Wonderland


Baroque Apéro

Crafted with care, our Apéro Box features a perfect blend of fine Belgian and European terroir products. INGREDIENTS : Beef Coppa ‘Dierendonck’ Capocollo Perugino ‘Salumi Specialita Umbre’ Truffle Perle 'Van Tricht' Comté Petite Elegance AOP Tête de Moine Holy Basil Hummus Tierenteyn Mustard Selection Crackers from Aldo's Bakery Fresh Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables Edible Flowers Please note that all prices are per person.


Image of Baroque Apéro


Burratina Casa Madaio

The creamiest Italian cheese to share as a side dish. INGREDIENTS Burratina Casa Madaio Crispy Seasonal Vegetables Smoked Olive Oil Espelette Pepper


Image of Burratina Casa Madaio


All dessert boxes are customizable to the size of your party.
Kindly select the quantity of people sharing the meal as all prices are quoted per person.


Baroque Pavlova

Discover our take on the classic pavlova – a delightful mix of airy meringue, creamy goodness, and fresh fruit, meant for sharing and savoring together. Dig in and enjoy!


Image of Baroque Pavlova


White Chocolate Mousse

An airy and creamy alternative to the traditional dark chocolate mousse.


Image of White Chocolate Mousse



Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blanc

Ruinart Blanc de Blancs is made from Chardonnays from 25 to 30 different crus, mainly from the Côte des Blancs, Montagne de Reims, Sézannais and Vallée de la Vesle. They reflect the richness and diversity of the Champagne terroir.


Image of Champagne Ruinart Blanc de Blanc


Prosecco Zimor Extra Dry

Intensely sparkling with light, fresh, appley aromas. A perfect sparkling wine to accompany any aperitivo, cheese platter and light meal.


Image of Prosecco Zimor Extra Dry


Neropasso Veneto Rosso

Intense ruby red wine from Biscardo, Venetia, Italy. Spicy with hints of cherry, black cherry and plum compote. Fine and velvety palate, persistent, with soft tannins at the end.


Image of Neropasso Veneto Rosso


Chardonnay Renaissance Ciceron

White wine from Château de Ciceron in Languedoc, France with a beautiful, bright yellow color and a pleasant nose of exotic fruit and ginger bread.


Image of Chardonnay Renaissance Ciceron


G.O.D. 0.0%

GOD is a mystery but drinkable as of now. Hoppy, IPA-compliant and 0% !


Image of G.O.D. 0.0%


Energibajer 0.0%

Energibajer is a specific beer produced by the Danish brewery Mikkeller. It's a unique creation that combines the characteristics of beer with the energy-boosting properties typically found in energy drinks.


Image of Energibajer 0.0%


Pico Bello 0.0%

This hazy sour IPA will surprise you with its very fruity aromas, a welcome acidity that breaks from the sweet non-alcoholic beers we are used to from the traditional brewer, and a touch of bitterness. So this is much more than an alcohol-free, low-calorie beer, but a very refreshing beer, full of flavors, that doesn't make a choice between alcohol-free and flavor.


Image of Pico Bello 0.0%

Baroque Boxes

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