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Delivery Policy

Delivery Areas

We deliver on a regular basis throughout the city of Antwerpen, Belgium, inside the Ring. We are happy to deliver occasionally outside of Antwerp Ring or anywhere in Belgium, applying custom delivery fees. For such a service the customer should contact us through the contact form of the webshop or directly by email : to arrange this special delivery.  

Delivery Times

We deliver at the fastest on the next day following the order. Orders can be placed up to 30 days in advance via the Baroque Boxes webshop. Should any special event require more planning ahead, the customers should contact us directly or anytime in advance to place their order more than 30 days in advance.

Delivery Fees

A 10,00€ delivery fee applies for all deliveries inside of Antwerp's Ring. This fee is not discountable with any discount codes or promotions. For any delivery outside of this area, a custom fee will be established and communicated with the client along with the quotation of their order, and will be based on the number of kilometers from Antwerp to the delivery address.

Delivery Methods

Most of our deliveries are performed by electrical bike within the city of Antwerp by our own team, and between 06:00AM and 10:00PM. Occasionally, and for deliveries to further addresses, the latter will be performed by car between the same time window. If customers prefer the pick up option, they can pick up their order at our address : Grote Beerstraat 43, 2018 Antwerp, between 08:00AM and 08:00PM.

Delivery Requirements

A minimum order of 30,00€ is required for us to be allowed to delivery. There is no minimum order amount for the pick up option in Zurenborg.

Delivery Tracking

No tracking number exist for the Baroque Boxes delivery. If the customer needs an update on his order delivery, we are available by WhatsApp or phone : +32 472 99 40 16 or by email : The customer will only need to let us know his first and last name or order confirmation number for us to locate easily the order.

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